My photographies are amongst several Flickr profiles.
I have done a pool group but all the photographies are not inside.
Here is a little guide for discover these weird abstractions, odd subjects, strange places often not normal photographies. Sometime done with an out of order camera, sometime with the help of DIY FX.

The older profile is Maudit Estuaire.
The wallpapers set.
A selection of photo for being use as wallpapers or profile backgrounds.
Another world set.
A selection of photo for enter another world.
The lepers fountain.
A place of my birthtown Dole (39) where I use to smoke when I was younger.

Another profile dedicated to the wallpapers is Au fin fond de l'écran.
Golden number set.
7 keys for discover Au fin fond de l'écran.
Essential set.
A sort of best off of the gallery.
17 set.
A untranslatable joke about the meaning of 17 in french.

The Remanence photographique profile is dedicated to thematics and series.
Non pornographic drifting set.
A showroom dummies exhibition.
Spider studie set.
A studie of a spider living in old paper.
Ayami set.
I photograph my Ayami through the seasons.

The Amarok Amok profile is dedicated to my first travel in morroco for the wedding of my brother.
The Smahli profile is dedicated to my second travel in morroco.
I had lost the password of the Necktar profile so it's not really updated sicne a long time.

The last one is Le petit café not only with photos but with some infographies too.
Subversion: an exhibition bound set.
Various bound infographies.
Prototype exhibition set.
Parrhesia Sound System set.
Various infographies done for that project.

Two more are not for photography :
Remanence graphique is dedicated to my draws, sketches and sometime old paints.
Freak over collection is dedicated to my CD covers for Le Colibri Nécrophile Netlabel.

I will update this post with photo the sooner I can, as for the one about video clips.