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mercredi, février 27 2013

More Rites Before Purgatory by ~UNUNE~ & Lord Nakaghema by St NOIZ

The netlabel le Colibri Nécrophile / The Necrophile Hummingbird has the joy to bring you a little more of hors-norme manna.
After the purple noise of the album "En attendant" by Charles premier here come :
- A double album of postindustrial noir terribly in phase with the year 2013
More Rites Before Purgatory by -UNUNE-.
Free download here in zip Archive http://archive.org/download/MoreRitesBeforePurgatory/MoreRitesBeforePurgatory_vbr_mp3.zip UNUNE_More_Rites_Before_Purgatory_RECTO.jpg UNUNE_More_Rites_Before_Purgatory_VERSO.jpg Difficult to know whether it is musical creation or magical arts. You might be tempted to store it under the label "industrial, dark folk, apocalyptic" (means the very hype "postindustrial") somewhere between Current 93 albums and those of Throbbing Gristle, like a sort of hyphen. But if you have one, this album will talk straight to your soul and you will not store it back for a long while...

- And an album of Automatic Bruitism Improvisation that could phase out even a Yokaï. "Lord Nakaghema" by St NOIZ.
Free download in zip archive here http://archive.org/download/LordNakaghema/LordNakaghema_vbr_mp3.zip STZ_PROJET_1_Livret_CD.jpg STZ_PROJET_1_Jaquette_CD.jpg (Thanks to Kupull for is beautifull artwork http://kupul.free.fr/)
Contrary to what their name could suggest St NOIZ makes no noise music, no, they are not the umpteenth clones of Merzbow & KKnull, this contreculture is now fucking dead killed by the DollART business but they are authentic subversionsounds experimenters, they track and repeat tirelessly the echos of our lives, until we have no other issue than to realize how much we are under the yoke of the empire.

In conclusion this is an invitation to remove your head and drive your life with heart. To push and break down borders wherever they are, whatever they are. To dream outside of your body in the open air.

The world will not change it self : Do It Yourself.

mercredi, octobre 3 2012

Toward Reality Desert (Desire Sellotape Face A) / Twin Realities Dreamers

Le Colibri Nécrophile a le bonheur de vous présenter la première face de Desire Sellotape :

Toward Reality Desert / Twin Realities Dreamers

1. Toward Reality Desert Part 1
2. Toward Reality Desert Part 2
3. Toward Reality Desert Part 3

Temps Total : 31 mn 30 secondes

Créé en 2012 au Champ des Possibles
Plus de musique en téléchargement libre ici

Ce premier release du duo montréalais au premier abord semble très référencé quelque part entre La trilogie Qatsi de philip Glass et la Desert Music de Steve Reich la touche psychexpérimentalambiant en peluche, pourtant ce n'est qu'un mirage quand on y prête attention on est à mille lieux de là, juste quelque part très loin des terres familières...


dimanche, septembre 4 2011

Appel à contribution à la compilation libre Necktar 2017

Version Alternative du Fake Trailer sous licence cc-by-nc-nd

Arrivée par Charles Premier
Additional Voice par Serena Toxicat
Additional Analog Synthesizer & Recreation & Video par Twin Realities Dreamers

Les personnes qui souhaitent participer au volume 5 ou 6 sont invitées à envoyer, un ou plusieurs titres, ou un lien permettant de les télécharger à araknodaedalus@gmail.com

La thématique du volume 5 est Artificiel / Fusion / Naturel : Union.

La thématique du volume 6 est Virtuel / Fusion / Matériel : Révolution.

Plus d'informations ici.