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samedi, février 16 2013

Vivid Tribe Of Psychics Self-Titled First Album



Vivid Tribe Of Psychics is the meeting of the fine fleur of the colibri necrophile : Parrhesia Sound System / Gestalt OrchestrA / Symbol Of Subversion / Chromatic / Wild Worm Web / Twin Realities Dreamers. A little bit in the spirit of This Mortal Coil for 4AD Label. The first selft titled album is available in free download with poems from Diane Di Prima / Leonore Kandel / Brion Gysin / Frank O'Hara...

mercredi, octobre 3 2012

Toward Reality Desert (Desire Sellotape Face A) / Twin Realities Dreamers

Le Colibri Nécrophile a le bonheur de vous présenter la première face de Desire Sellotape :

Toward Reality Desert / Twin Realities Dreamers

1. Toward Reality Desert Part 1
2. Toward Reality Desert Part 2
3. Toward Reality Desert Part 3

Temps Total : 31 mn 30 secondes

Créé en 2012 au Champ des Possibles
Plus de musique en téléchargement libre ici

Ce premier release du duo montréalais au premier abord semble très référencé quelque part entre La trilogie Qatsi de philip Glass et la Desert Music de Steve Reich la touche psychexpérimentalambiant en peluche, pourtant ce n'est qu'un mirage quand on y prête attention on est à mille lieux de là, juste quelque part très loin des terres familières...


vendredi, août 20 2010

Canku Wakan de Gestalt OrchestrA

GOAcankuwakanFront.jpg Le double album "Canku Wakan" est disponible sur Dogmazic ou en archive Zip, sous licence de libre diffusion C reaction. Il est aussi disponible en téléchargement rapide sur multiupload. Il a été réalisé entre Décembre 2005 et Juillet 2006 au champ du possible. Merci à : Clara Rockmore - Allen Ginsberg - Terence McKenna - Philip K. Dick - Alejandro Jodorowsky ('El Topo') - Edward Nicolay Artemyev ('Le Miroir' d'Andreï Tarkovsky) - Harada Takashi ('Tree of Palme') - Jan Kounen ('D'autres Mondes'). Merci aux chamans de toute la terre. Gestalt OrchestrA est votre fruit.

Plus d'informations sur Gestalt OrchestrA sur le profil du projet.


jeudi, juillet 22 2010

Bridge Of Dream [a collection of free poems for no commercial use by Morne]

The Bridge Of Dream
"Eternity will finally bloom."

I. The gold of colors.

The gold of colors,
melts and drips,
from the bridge of the dream,
but those who see it,
are statues before the time.

II. Zephir.

Moon quarter,
fallen over,
a link hanging on its point,
like a spider,
a child has slipped into earth.

III. Absence.

When it will stay only the cold around me,
I will invite it into my house,
I will listen to its silence come over me,
before falling asleep.

IV. Ode to the Wind.

Books of dried leaves,
words for gnawing them,
dust poems,
for provide to the wind,
the only child of this earth.

V. Misunderstanding.

Stay stranger.
Like a wolf,
whose the good cattle,
have turn off the appetite.

Stay stranger.
In lunatic asylums,
the one considered by all mad,
is the wise man who has remained stranger.

Stay stranger.
In lunatic asylums,
The ones considered by all wise men,
are the instructors of madness.

Stay stranger.
Because livestock is afraid of wolves.
Not of shepherds.

Who kills whom ?

VI. At the Spring of Life.

Ink at bedtime.
Our minds distill the Life.
And create tomorrow in the meantime of Night.

Day staring into nothingness.
While our puppets dance Maya.
Simulate Life where there is only Silence.

Who sees the inner realms stretch over this world ?

VII. A Truth.

Awakening is an extraordinary cruelty,
but without it, the night is eternal.

The musical version of the poems in French is available for free download (zip file).
There is a web presentation made for the French version.
Actually it's possible to download freely the french version in pdf & epub format and soon in bilingual version. (write the check code and click on OK for download the ebook)