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samedi, septembre 11 2010

Opera K de OP


L'album "Opera K" est disponible sur Dogmazic ou en archive Zip, sous licence de libre diffusion C reaction. Il est aussi disponible en téléchargement rapide sur multiupload. Une recréation neo classique des oeuvres de : Mozart, Beethoven, Satie, Schubert, Schuman, Moussorgsky, Stravinsky, Milhaud, Szymanowsky, Shostakowich, Bartok, Ravel, Prokofiev, Byrd, Bach, Tomasi, Brandt... Les 7 Contes de la Roue de Fortune écrit pour l'Opéra K sont disponibles gratuitement en ligne au format pdf ou epub. Cet album a été réalisé au champ du possible en 2001.

Plus d'informations sur Op sur le profil du projet.


lundi, juillet 26 2010

Baptism of Suffering [a collection of free poems for no commercial use by Morne. 2002.]

I. The Baptism of Suffering

When in the deep of the abyss

I have raised my head

an instant

I thought I saw
my remembrance watch me.

II. Freedom

Some puppets into tears

bear in their wild hands,

the links.

III. First Madmen

Emerging from the abyss

their wild eyes

are seeking their target

into the mirror.

IV. About the desire

Do you Remember

the Life

this infinite


which since

never ceases.

You have tasted

the forbidden fruit

and your wings

are broken glass

where cling the reflections of the past.

Your soul strives to remember,

but only your shadow

inhabit your loneliness.

The ghosts of the past


defile your body

indecent trace of time

V. Saturation

A man in silence

loses sight


succumbs to the pain

to feel the one he loved

leave him.

His mouth opens

but says nothing

It respects his pain.

The skin feels the rain

but the man hears nothing.

He discovered the emptyness

when it is already too late.

VI. Eternity


when eternity ends

we see the incredulous bones

of the hands of the other side's gods

doggedly search

among the same dust

that in humans hearts.

VII. Pretension of the dying one

I am the death

and you are my children...

... It's so reassuring to exchange our masks.

Actually it's possible to download freely the french version in pdf & epub format and soon in bilingual version. (write the check code and click on OK for download the ebook)